The Team

All team members of our company have overseas degrees and many years of working experience abroad. The fields dedicated by them are various, covering electrochemistry, new energy, life science, strategic planning, operation, marketing and vocational training, and so forth. Furthermore, the core members of them have been working together since 2014. These facts make a great contribution to our achievements. We have contributed to the cooperation between European high-tech innovation companies and Chinese leading enterprises in establishing factories and enabling mass production in China. And one of the European-Chinese JVs we’ve promoted is now a supplier to one of the FORTUNE GLOBAL 500 firms. So, that is why the combination of excellent skills and great ambition among the members is viewed as our concept of success.


Also we have established long-term partnerships with a number of well-known universities and research institutions as well as renowned industry experts and the professionals from China and Germany.  They cooperate with us in implementing diverse projects and giving us strong support in providing solutions to key technologies. The knowledge of our experts covers many fields such as fuel cell, lithium battery, nickel-zinc battery, lead-acid battery as well as other new energy storage technologies. In addition, we also maintain a long-term cooperation with our strategic partners in different areas to undertake numerous projects and share competitive advantages with each other.