Technology Consulting

Industry Research

  • Writing industry research reports, presenting market overviews, introducing the whole value chains including key companies, summarizing business models and analyzing future trends. Our industry research service can help our customers:   

                – Understand market demand and the possible chances along the whole value chain

                – Understand the situation of competition and the distribution of intellectual properties

                – Figure out the exact position of entering the value chain and design the strategy

                – Evaluate the commercial value and technological level of potential partners and   
                  investment targets

                – Keep updated to the latest global technology trends

  • Writing Life Circle Assessment Report according to ISO 14040/44, analyzing the potential environmental impacts of products or services during their entire life cycle, with the purpose of supplying a basis for making strategic decisions for sustainable actions.

Project Management Support

During a cooperation project in the field of battery technology, our technical manager will assistant both Chinese and foreign partners in technology adoption and project implementation, including

  • to assist partners in making project plan as well as in supervising progress;
  • to support partners in organization and coordination during the project;
  • to support partners in controlling project risks;
  • to assist partners in transferring, adopting and translating technical documents;
  • to assist partners in technical trainings;
  • to organize and accompany technical personnel in visiting each other as well as in exchanging know-hows
  • to support in building quality management system, if necessary, etc.

Technical Training

  • Organizing basic and application oriented technical trainings with industry experts
  • Provide customized product and process development trainings